Tips for Managing Your Home’s Pest & Termites


Pests in a home make living very hard. In fact they take away all your comfort and you cannot sleep well. There is nothing stressful like living in a home infested with bed bugs. Other pests such as roaches, termites and rodents result in losses to our property. The best thing to do to them is to evacuate them completely. Every home owner should therefore lay down a proper plan for pest and termite control and prevention. Bed bugs often hide in crevices, drawers in furniture, wall baseboards, mattress seams and blankets and pillow cases. The following therefore are five tips that will help you control bedbugs in your home. If you are not a do it yourself person, call a termite control company in Cincinnati.

Reduce the number of hiding places

Do not clutter your home. A cluttered home makes locating of bedbugs very hard and how to treat them. Cover you mattress with encasements that will prevent bedbugs from getting in. you need to avoid bringing any used bedding from streets as they may contain bedbugs. You should thoroughly inspect them to ensure that they are not infested with bedbugs. Ideally buy those encasements that have been tested to be effective in controlling bed bugs for up to one full year. Also consider sealing all the open cracks and crevices by using caulk. They will get nowhere to hide and you will notice them easily.

Wash your beddings regularly including any piece of clothing that touches the floor

This will help you reduce the number of bedbugs and their eggs from hiding in your beddings. Use hot water when washing them to ensure that they all get killed. They can hide in laundry and even get transferred to your bed. Keep all the purses and suitcases off the floor before leaving your house.

Thoroughly vacuum your house

Vacuuming can help you get rid of bedbugs in your home. Consider vacuuming rugs, upholstered furniture, bed frames and under beds to ensure that they are well evacuated.

Use heat to kill bed bugs carefully

There is special equipment designed to kill bed bugs by use of high temperatures. Use of home thermostat cannot effectively kill all the bedbugs in your home. Raise the temperatures to above 45 degrees as this won’t sustain any bed bugs.

Hire a professional pest control person

This can increase the chances of your success in evacuating bed bugs out. Consider hiring a person from a highly reputable company to do the job for you. You can contact your state pesticide agency to guide you on the same.

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